A Groom’s Guide For A Successful Wedding

It is not only the bride that dreams of a perfect wedding; the bride groom too has his own plans and wishes in making his dream wedding come true, and when the time for the big day is close, he will be as equally as hectic as the bride and planning out and making sure that it will be as perfect as expected. In order ensure the success of your wedding, you as a groom will have some responsibilities to fill and some crucial decisions to make. Here some facts that you may find helpful in such a situation. 

The three most important decisions 

What are the three most important decisions of a wedding? The venue date and the guest list should be your primary focus at the initial stage. It is highly important that you discuss this with your bride before making any major decisions. Make sure that whatever decisions you make under these three aspects fit your budget. When arranging the guest list, make sure to prioritize the most important ones and the less important ones. Also, if you have a theme in mind that you believe is affordable; then pick the venue in a way that would suit the theme. Make sure that the picked date will be convenient for your guests to attend. 

You will need a reliable team to work on each and every task of the wedding. This team should not include any of the key players of the wedding as they would be knee deep in work when the day is close. Therefore, you can delegate tasks among relatives and friends that are not part of the groomsmen or bride’s maids. For instance, while some can be in charge of good tailor http://www.rajasfashions.com/, accessories and decorations another set could be handling food, venue etc. 


As the groom, you must ensure that your suit will stand out from all other men’s suits present on that day. Hunt down the best tailor in town and get a tailor made suit done, adding your preferred detail into it. Make sure that it also suits the bride’s dress and goes along with the wedding theme in general. 


Although some may consider this to be a minor detail, the groomsmen, bride’s maids and others that had your back through this journey should be appreciated for their hard work. As the wedding closes by, you will be too involved and busy to keep in mind on gathering tokens of appreciation the abovementioned individuals. Therefore, you can keep these ready well in advance so that you and your bride can offer them at the conclusion of the ceremony as gifts that carry much more than mundane pursuits but as more meaningful thoughts of appreciation.